• It is the hiring policy of La Trouve' that direct care support staff

  1. be at least 18 years old
  2. possess a high school diploma or GED or a trade school diploma in the area of human services.
  3. demonstrate competency, or have verifiable work experience in providing support to individuals with disabilities.

We seek individuals with sound character, personal integrity, and a past record of successful performance. Prior to employment, an applicant must have a non-criminal background and provide proof of being free from all communicable disease.


Direct Service Worker-

A direct Service worker is an unlicensed person who provides personal care services and supports to persons with disabilities or to the elderly. They are to enhance the well-being, and are involved in face-to-face direct contact with the person and is compensated through state or federal funds. Functions performed may include, but are not limited to, assistance and training activities of daily living, personal care services, and job-related supports."

Working hours vary from program to program.

Night Direct Service Worker-

This is a direct service worker that works from 8:00 pm to 8:oo am. There duties include but not limited to interaction with consumers, mointoring of records and facilities and consumer during sleep hours. They are to assist consumers with daily activities, meal preparation, grooming,

Trainee Responsibilities:

  1. must have completed the minimum 16 hours of instruction prior to the trainee's direct involvement with an individual receiving services, a hospital; or nursing facility.
  2. An individual who has not performed DSW-related services for pay for at least 40 hours in an approved setting within a consecutive 12-month period after completion of a training and competency evaluation or being placed on the registry must, at a minimum, successfully complete a new competency
  3. Trainees must take the competency evaluation (through skills demonstration and either written or oral examination) within 30 days after completion of the training curriculum.

Direct Care Staff are to follow the consumer's person-centered objectives and documentation of all activities.

E-Mail Your Resume to Us at services@latrouve.com.